What is PI?

Infidelity Investigation

A Private Investigator is a person who for hire investigates and provides information.

Accordingly, only authorized, licensed Investigators are able conduct surveillance operations or undercover work. Investigators are permitted to search for individuals such as missing persons, witnesses or criminal offenders, as well as being permitted to search for property, assets, etc. ​

Private Investigators may be hired by civil persons, corporations, various Government agencies, police and the military. Some Investigators involve themselves in civil or domestic cases, while others specialize in corporate and/or criminal matters. Smaller groups of Private Investigators work in what is known as "ops" (special operations). Many of these Investigators have a law enforcement or military background. Cases these Investigators work on are extremely sensitive and risky and therefore are rarely made public. ​

In today's society, many people choose to use Private Investigators over police in order to keep the investigated and collected data away from the public. In some instances, the police may not be provided with enough evidence to act on a complaint. A Private Investigator may be retained to collect the necessary intelligence required for the case to proceed. In other instances a Private Investigator may be recruited by a lawyer to collect information that normally would not be of interest to other agencies. For example, perhaps you disagree with the outcome of a report or investigation that affects you civilly or criminally. A Private Investigator may be hired to reinvestigate or re-examine the situation in order to search for an alternate conclusion. ​

Domestic, corporate, or criminal, some of a Private Investigator's work is routine. An Investigator is required to research, collect evidence, interview, proceed with surveillance and other undercover work, gather videotape and/or photographs, and let us not forget the task of lengthy report writing. Investigators never shy away from working long hours, challenging the unknown and, in some cases, risking their lives. But, as many people assume, this profession is full of exciting moments as well. Well...it is! However, being a Private Investigator has its difficult and stressful moments. Often this career takes the Investigator away from his family and close friends for lengthy periods of time. Despite the time lost with those close to us, being a Private Investigator is an addictive and extremely rewarding career.