Our investigators are highly experienced in every method of domestic surveillance. Past domestic surveillance cases have included investigators detecting espionage, larceny, malpractice, etc. from within organizations or companies. Our investigators are equipped with most advanced tools necessary to capture evidence in nearly any imaginable scenario.

It is our practice, we will submit full written reports, hourly updates by text or email and statements are always required, on a day-to-day basis, to the client in order that they are fully informed of developments. ​

Tridentity Services has domestic surveillance investigators that utilizes passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, vans, trucks, stationary vehicles, and roadwork vehicles. We have a vehicle for every situation. For those domestic surveillance situations when a vehicle will not work, we have domestic surveillance specialists with expertise in on-foot surveillance and long-range surveillance. These specialists have climbed into hollowed-out trees; shinnied through poison oak; crawled through deer trails; climbed mountains; ridden bicycles; skateboards; skates; scooters; and motorcycles; jogged; walked dogs; sold items door-to-door; and used many other creative techniques; and they never trespass or break any harassment or anti-stalking laws while doing so. ​

Domestic surveillance investigations often require hidden cameras. All of our private investigators carry one and know how to use it. When Tridentity Services investigators are on the job, you will get film of individuals eating at restaurants, arriving at airports, and entering and exiting hotel rooms. No matter what your particular needs, we get the shot. Which is also known among our investigators as the money shot.

All of our reports contain photographs taken from the actual domestic surveillance video film depicting highlights of the investigation. This allows you to see the activities captured on videotape without having to actually view the film. Identifying photos of the subject and the subject's residence and other vital information that may be relevant to the case are also included.