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Surveillance and Cases on Retainer: Please Fill Out And email to:


AGREEMENT made this ______day of ________, 20____, by and between Tridentity Services, a Texas Business, hereinafter referred to as “CONTRACTOR”, and ____________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”, at an address:

The purpose of this Agreement is to state the terms and conditions under which the CLIENT has employed the CONTRACTOR to perform services as investigators and investigative consultants.

IN CONSIDERATION of the services rendered and to be rendered to, the CLIENT does hereby assign and convey to said CONTRACTOR, as its compensation herein the following:


A RETAINER OF $1,500. (NON-REFUNDABLE) is to be paid to CONTRACTOR upon commencement of investigative services to be performed for the CLIENT. The RETAINER paid by CLIENT shall be debited by gross billable services performed and case related expenses incurred by CONTRACTOR to be charged at the following rates:


           $100.00 per hour, per person for Surveillance. (Note: We charge Portal to Portal.)

^^^^ $1.00 per mile, per vehicle for mileage. (Note: Mileage is charged Portal to Portal.)

^^^^ $100.00 per hour for any Investigative or Research time conducted on the case.

^^^^ $100.00 per hour for Office/Clerical time associated to case. (Example: Phone Calls, Emails, Report Writing.)

^^^^ FLAT RATE, (to be determined) for any databases run during the investigation. (Example: Phone Search, vehicle, property, etc).

^^^^ ACTUAL COST for any and all expenditures incurred, as a result of performing such investigative services. (Example: Hotel charges, Cover Charges, Tolls/Parking, Drink Minimums, etc.)

^^^^ $50.00 per 30 minute block of video dubbing or copying onto a standard DVD,CD,VCR Tape, or Email.

^^^^ $5.00 per page for any report over 5 pages in length.

^^^^ Price To Be Determined, for the printing of photos.

FURTHERMORE, Client understands and hereby acknowledges, that the fees charged by CONTRACTOR are based on the amount of time expended on their behalf relating to this matter including, but not limited to; investigation time, travel time, in person and telephone consultation time, report preparation and rendering, evidence processing, depositions, court appearance time, and any subpoenaed appearances, now or in the future. Court appearances subpoenaed or otherwise, are billed at the following rates: HALF DAY (up to 4 hours) = $750.00, or FULL DAY (over 4 hours) = $1,500.00.

CLIENT fully understands that the investigation fees may exceed the above-referenced RETAINER and that at such time as the RETAINER has been expended, CONTRACTOR will CEASE all investigating activities until such time as CLIENT can be notified and another RETAINER can be paid; to be charged against at the rates stipulated in the preceding paragraphs.

Pursuant to and in compliance with Texas State Law, applicable State Sales Tax, 8.25% of the gross amount due on each invoice shall be charged.

CLIENT fully understands and asserts that NO representations have been made by CONTRACTOR to CLIENT as to the ultimate success of the investigation and that CLIENT shall pay all fees for investigative services performed regardless of the success of the investigation

CLIENT fully understands and agrees that at NO TIME will CLIENT or one of their REPRESENTATIVES show up at any surveillance location during times at which surveillance is being conducted, nor will they contact the SUBJECT of the investigation or let the SUBJECT of the investigation know that they are under investigation. Doing so would place not only the investigation in jeopardy, but could compromise the safety of the investigator(s). CLIENT agrees that if this clause is broken, it will IMMEDIATELY terminate the investigation and ALL USED AND UNUSED RETAINERS WILL BE FORFEITED WITH NO REFUND

CLIENT fully understands and agrees that at NO TIME will CLIENT be UNTRUTHFUL in regards to any information given to CONTRACTOR. This includes but is not limited to, WHY the CLIENT is pursuing the investigation or requesting services. Certain investigations are available ONLY with permissible purposes, and although contractor makes every effort to verify and validate that all requests are compliant, CONTRACTOR relies heavily on the information supplied by CLIENT in the consultation phase. CLIENT agrees that if this clause is broken, it will IMMEDIATELY terminate the investigation and ALL USED AND UNUSED RETAINERS WILL BE FORFEITED WITH NO REFUND

THE TERMS of this Agreement shall END when RETAINER has been exhausted, the Investigation has been completed, or one or both parties have decided to terminate the Investigation. If the Investigation terminates for any reason before the RETAINER has been exhausted, there are NO REFUNDS on the balance of the RETAINER.

CLIENT is entitled to a written report, (see fee schedule above), upon request and any pertinent documentation, as a result of this investigation. The investigation may be terminated at any given time by the CLIENT upon written or verbal notification to the proper representative of CONTRACTOR. Immediately following a verbal termination, a prompt written response shall be required from CLIENT for verbal termination to be effective and shall be sent by email to,

CLIENT would like a written report ______YES, ______ NO. (See fee schedule above.)

CONTRACTOR hereby represents and warrants that it has been issued and maintains a CLASS “A” LICENSE NUMBER: A07340304, by the Texas Commission on Private Security, that such license is current, has not been terminated, and that all fees applicable to the issuance of said license or requisite to the maintenance of said license have been complied with.

CONTRACTOR shall furnish and maintain in full force and effect at all times during the term of this Agreement at least the minimum amount of Liability coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage required by the Texas Commission on Private Security.

CLIENT is also provided herein with the following consumer information. Inquires or complaints may be directed to the Texas Commission On Private Security, 4616 Howard Lane, STE# 140 Austin, Texas 78728, ph: 512-238-5858, fax: 512-238-5853.

CLIENT agrees to reimburse CONTRACTOR for costs incurred (including attorney's fees) to collect any past due amounts from CLIENT. Client also agrees that the Place of Venue for any and all legal disputes will be Dallas County, Texas.
(By signing, I authorize that a photocopy or facsimile of this form serves as the original)

(CLIENT)____________________________ (DATE)____________________________

Forest Gadlin - Tridentity Services ____________________________________________________________




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Signed by Forest Gadlin
Signed On: April 20, 2021

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