Email Tracing, Authentication and Origin tracking


Tridentity Services is able to investigate many aspects of electronic mail send from a computer, tablet or cell phone. We are able to track an email to it's origin, even to the network or computer that was used. It does not matter whether the email was sent from an email account that was opened with bogus information specifically to send that email to you. It also does not matter is any email anonymizing software or services were used. It is not possible to truly anonymize emails as the delivery path from the sender to the receiver is logged by each intermediary and can therefore (with the required expertise) be traced back.

We are also able to obtain an email address's account holder information. The type and amount of information available will vary depending on the email service provider, but it will usually include the first name, last name, gender, age or date of birth, country and area. In addition, we are able to link individuals to email accounts, and can identify email accounts that were registered and are being used by a particular person.​

Email Accounts

If you want to know what email accounts a person has registered or is using then we will need the following information about the person: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Cell Number (not always required, but may be needed for some email types so please send it just in case)

Email Origin/Sender

In order to locate an email's origin or sender we require the full header of the original email in question. See below for details.


If you need to know who registered or uses an email account then we would need the email account details from you (i.e. the email address).



Find the particular email service or software with which the original email was received to find instructions for obtaining the header for that email. If your email service/software is not listed below then please contact us for instructions. Do not forward the email to us or to another email account as this will change the email header.