Having a career as a private detective or a investigator can be challenging. You must provide a variety of services to attorneys, businesses and the public. Their duties often include performing physical surveillance, interviewing witnesses to gain information, and drawing conclusions regarding the subjects' behavior. The work hours associated with this profession are often long and irregular. It is common for investigators to spend most of their time away from their offices and out in the field.

Many investigation jobs remain with large government agencies; however, the growth in private industry is providing many bright opportunities for those interested in working in an exciting yet demanding arena. Requirements to become an investigator vary, however, those with a college degree in Criminal Justice or a related field-fare much better than those without. Depending on the state in which the investigator resides, licenseing may be mandatory.

Why Tridentity Services?​

Tridentity Services is a dynamic, visionary company that is focused on growth and success, for our shareholders and employees! We operate under the idea that working at Tridentity Services is a career, not just a job. We offer the most unique field progression path in the industry. Each new tier of achievement provides new skill development, higher levels of recognition and enriched compensation. By providing our employees with great opportunities for advancement and increasing responsibility, a supportive work environment, well-above market compensation and benefits packages, and a shared vision for the future; we ensure that our overall goals and values are upheld. We realize that without a talented team of investigators and support staff, we could not provide our clients with the high-quality service that they have come to expect. Therefore, we seek to attract the best and brightest and treat them like family. ​

Every job worth having also requires hard work, and life at Tridentity Services , is no different. Because the investigation industry is demanding and being a good investigator requires certain lifestyle concessions, Tridentity services is not for everyone. Our investigators often put in long hours and must manage an irregular schedule. Additionally, the work can be frustrating. Investigators must expect to endure periods of boredom and frustration when working a case and dealing with unpredictable subjects.


Tridentity services , Inc., nationally recognized training program features a careful blend of:

  • "Hands-on" field experiences with seasoned investigators
  • Classroom experience
  • Self-directed study


    Tridentity services , Inc., provides the tools necessary to make an impact in the field:

  • State-of-the-art notebook computers
  • Cutting-edge video camera
  • Covert pinhole camera
  • Cellular telephone