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We are proud to be rated as the best private investigators in Dallas. At Tridentity our agents are in direct contact with the clients for updates, not like other firms, you get to talk to the dispatch personnel instead of the field investigator. A good communication channel will be critical when the investigation begins.



In recent years, We have seem more people before marrying require a pre marriage background check or a marriage background check that may include searches such as Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity, Divorce, Child Custody Issues,

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There is no standard or routine background check. The investigation should be tailored to your areas of concern, reasons for finding out more, and your overall needs.

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Let us serve your documents legally. Get peice of mind when you let Tridentity Services serve your court documents. We also e-file court returns

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Our investigators are highly experienced in every method of domestic surveillance. Some of out past domestic surveillance cases have included investigators detecting espionage, larceny, malpractice, etc. from within organizations or companies. Our investigators are equipped with most advanced tools necessary to capture evidence in nearly any imaginable scenario.

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Our agents are highly trained and uses the latest technology in the industry

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The work we do is highly confidential and covert. We have a very low burn rate

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We adhere to all state regulated laws and certification.

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In today's complex, fast-paced, and highly sophisticated world, Tridentity Services provides a diverse range of thorough, accurate, and timely investigative services, individually tailored to our clients' specific needs.

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Two common investigations are criminal and comprehensive background checks.

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We offer the most professional process service and document delivery services in DFW.

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  • What are typical charges for investigation?

    While investigation fees may vary we have listed our fee schedule for some of our most common charges such as: Single Investigator Surveillance $500 Retainer for the first 4 hours for a single Investigator, then $125.00 there after $125.00 Per Hour + Mileage * Multi-Unit Teams** – $125 per hour 1st Investigator, $95 per hour each additional Agent (4 Hour Min. Charge) Minimum 2 Agent Team** AOE/COE Investigations $125.00 Per Hour + Mileage * Case Examination & Consulting Free Initial Consultation (30 minutes) Concealed Asset Investigations (Financial Investigation to Locate Hidden Assets) Starting at $1750.00 Expert Witness Services (Expert Testimony available in various disciplines, call for details.) $ Call For Price & Availability. General Investigations (Normal business hours) $125.00 Per Hour + Mileage * High Profile Investigations $150.00 Per Hour + Mileage * Legal Research $95.00 Per Hour + Expenses Out of State Investigations $ Call For Price & Availability. Protection Services with On-going Investigation Starting at $75.00 per hour Witness Statements Starting at $150.00 Worker Compensation Investigations $125.00 Per Hour + Mileage * Mileage (Billed after the first 30 miles) $1.00 per mile Investigative Reports Address History Report: Includes most current address of record $125.00 Standard Skip Trace: Includes most current address of record, attempts to locate subject with up to 2 hours of investigative time to include database and physical document retrieval research. (Additional research time billed at standard hourly rate) $200.00 Individual Background Report – Standard $125.00 Individual Background Report – Comprehensive $225.00 US Business Background Report (Sole Proprietor/Corporation/Partnership) $175.00 Social Security Number Verification Report $75.00

  • Why hire Tridentity Services?

    At Tridentity we can help you obtain the information your looking for. Once you hire Tridentity Services, it's just like hiring an expert firm, like an attorney, an insurance broker, a doctor - it benefits you to take the time to ensure you're hiring a professional who has experience, quality reputation, and good-business ethics.

  • What is a Process Server?

    A Texas process server is a person who delivers documents that notify a person when legal action is taken against them. According to the due process of law, each person involved must be adequately informed of court actions and any documents pertaining to these actions must be delivered in person. In most states, anyone over a certain age that is not involved in the case can be a process server. However, hiring a professional may be a wise decision, especially when someone isn’t cooperating. Why is process serving so complicated? In some cases, people don’t want to be served legal documents. They may wish to avoid a court case and attempt to leave town or simply refuse to accept the documents. When this happens, it may save you time, money, and effort to hire a professional process server to serve the documents for you. A professional can: • Use surveillance techniques to find the person if they don’t want to be found. • Use skip tracing to find them if they have left town or the country. They can even utilize their connections to investigators in other areas in order to get the job done. • Ensure the documents are served legally. In some states, process servers must have the legal documents touch the body of the person being served. In other states, trespass laws do not allow servers to approach someone on their own property. If your papers are not delivered properly, your case could be thrown out or tangled up in legal problems for a long period of time. • Provide solid evidence that the documents were served. If the person who is served the papers, claims they did not receive legal documents, a qualified professional will be able to show an affidavit of service or proof of service that can prove that the person accepted the documents.

  • What is a background check?

    A background check is an investigation into a person’s professional and personal history that validates or disproves their character and identity. A typical background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more depending on the situation and individual.

  • How to start a child custody investigation?

    1. Request a Consultation: Submit your case online or by phone to schedule your consultation. We’ll ask for the details we need to get your case matched with an investigator and provide cost estimates. 2. Consult With Your Investigator: A licensed private investigator will contact you to talk to you about the purpose and goals of the investigation, and to collect any relevant information about your case. 3. Investigation in Progress: The methods and techniques employed by your investigator depend upon the particular circumstances of your case. Typical investigative methods include: • Surveillance. May include surveillance of the opposing spouse’s interactions with their child – to show abuse, neglect, absence of affection, etc. or negative behavior away from the child – such as drug or alcohol abuse, illegal or morally questionable activities, etc. • Background Checks. Background checks involve locating and reviewing the personal, professional, and financial information of an individual to confirm or refute claims made by them in connection with custody or visitation issues. The background check may be run on the opposing spouse, the opposing spouse’s new romantic partner, or any other associate of the opposing spouse with access to, or interaction with, the child or children concerned. • Witness Interviews and Statements: Witness statements can be used to reinforce claims made by the client or dispute claims made by the opposing spouse. Due to their objective nature, statements from disinterested witnesses often carry particular weight with courts. 4. Case Updates & Final Report: Your investigator will keep you informed of all developments in real-time. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, a full report will be provided along with any court-admissible evidence. In addition, your private investigator may be available to testify on your behalf in court, if necessary and agreed-upon before the start of the investigation. What Investigators Will Not Do Investigators will not break the law or violate ethical standards in conducting your child custody or visitation investigation. Acting in an illegal or unprofessional manner can result in the inadmissibility of important evidence, and lead to the failure of a custody or visitation case in court.

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