Tridentity Services strives to be the best private investigator, process service, asset investigation and identity verification company in Dallas, Tx Metroplex. We also offer personal protection officer service for our clients that feel the need to be protected at all time or just on special occasions and or high profile outings. Tridentity Services promises to provide excellence in service to its clients by always operating in the best-known practices in the industry while executing transparency, innovation through technology, enlightened human resources practices and consistent, reliable solutions for clients.

Tridentity Services provides a diverse range of thorough, accurate, and timely investigative services, individually tailored to our clients' specific needs. All of our investigation agents are highly trained and very proficent in being a private investigator dallas texas

Throughout its years of service, Tridentity Services has enjoyed an enviable reputation behind the scenes based on dedication to client service. Each member of our staff is highly skilled, thereby ensuring a knowledgeable team proficient in every phase of the investigative field.

Our private investigators has primarily been involved in Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity, Divorce, Child Custody Issues, Worker's Compensation Investigations, Financial Crime Investigations, and Due Diligence, Asset Searches, Employee Screening, Trademark Investigations, Litigation Support, Surveillance, Activity Checks, Liability & Disability.

Clients approach Tridentity Services expecting the latest in investigative and consulting services. The organizational commitment to exceeding our goals is demonstrated through our performance, which is based on honesty, loyalty, and ethical standards. We value our Tridentity Services - Client relationships and aim for continued quality service and commitment.

We have vetted a selected group of private investigation agencies nationwide that we collaborate with which gives us the advantage of offering our clients effective innovations and technology from many lifestyles and regions. Our foremost goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service, keeping them informed of our progress on a regular basis throughout the investigative process, and reaching timely and accurate results - all within the desired budgetary framework.

Although the world as we know it has changed, our company has remained the same reliable and dependable investigative firm, always adhering to the highest principles and methods of operations.

Here at Tridentity Services, our vision is simply to provide unsurpassed professional investigative, Personal Protection, and Identity verification services to all our clients. At Tridentity Services we are committed to providing all investigative services through our dedicated employees who will ensure we deliver on our commitment to quality, client-centered communications, and continuous improvement. As a result, we increase our effectiveness in providing our services to you. Our team possesses extensive experience and knowledge which ensures that we are ready and able to meet all of your investigation and personal protection needs.


Let us be your private investigator!